On Facebook: Justice for Julfa

June 27, 2008 at 4:44 am (Awareness, Djulfa destruction) ()

Justice for Julfa, a group created by Aleks Gabrielyan on Facebook, fights for condemnation of the December 2005 deliberate destruction of the world’s largest medieval Armenian cemetery by the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the words of the group:

What is Julfa? Julfa is the site of an ancient Medieval Armenian City in what is now part of Azerbaijan’s Nakichevan Autonomous Region. The ruins contained a large cemetary of Khachkars, which are large stone grave markers that are beautifully carved and can be up to 8 feet tall.
Unfortunately, the Azeri government in efforts to erase Armenian influence in the region, began destroying the cemetary. Out of 10,000 khachkars, none stand anymore. They were smashed by Azeri soldiers, and the rubble was dumped into the nearby river. This group is is to demand justice for the destruction of such an important cultural site by the Azeribaijan government.

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