The Photo of the Destruction’s Direct Supervisor

February 4, 2008 at 12:45 am (Djulfa destruction)

After closely watching the original tape of the December, 2005, destruction of the world’s largest medieval Armenian cemetery by Azerbaijan’s army, I was able to identify one – if not the only – participant of the destruction who wasn’t uniformed.

Taped on December 15, 2005, by members of the Armenian Church in Tabriz from Iran’s territory, the video showed a middle-age man – unlike the young soldiers – dressed in a black suite and directly supervising the dumping of the Djulfa cross-stones to the River Araxes.

The same man was also taped on December 16, 2005, at the same location at this time avoiding directly looking toward the Iranian border. Several soldiers were spotted using binoculars to look toward the Iranian border – they had apparently noticed the film crew that was taping them from across the border.

Although the snapshops of who appears to be a supervisor of the Djulfa destruction are not too clear to see the person’s face, certain traces of his apperance are clear enough to identify the criminal – that is if there were investigation to do so.

One candidate for the supervisor might be the chief police of the Djulfa district who, along with his family, died in a fire a month after Djulfa’s destruction:

In the night for 8 January the head of the Djulfa district police department Asif Guliyev and his family members died at the result of the fire which had broken out in his apartment in Nakhchevan [city], the press service of the Interior Ministry told Trend.

The cause of the fire was malfunction in the “Aygaz” type heater in the apartment of the people died. After the fire had been distinguished the corpses of Guliyev, his wife and two daughters, as well as the Baku resident Faig Imanguliyev have been found.     

Whatever the case, there is now evidence of certain individuals involved in supervising the destruction of Djulfa.


  1. Global Voices Online » Azerbaijan: Cultural Destruction said,

    […] Djulfa Blog posts photographs of what it says is evidence that the destruction of an ancient Armenian cemetery i… was orchestrated and planned. Share […]

  2. raman said,

    This armenian lie and propoganada on psedo destruction of cultural monuments demonstrates the real disgusting face of the armenian chrstian fundamentalism and faschism. First of all there wasn’t any desturction. Second, armenians fascists destroyed hundreds of not only ancient gaveyards, but prominent cultural monuments of Azerbaijan in occupied 20% territory of Azerbaijan. You have dstroyed monumnets, mosques, graveyards both in current armenia where Azerbaijanis have lived or thousands of years including Yerevan, Goyche, Zengezur or whatever you call them in faschistic armenian language.

    Why you don’t visit read this news to see what armenian fascists, christian fundamentalists and terrorists have done to Azerbaijani graveyards in Armenia. THIs is reported by an Armenian journalist, not by Azerbaijanis.

    Your report about the death of te Julfa police guy is nothing but lie. I haven’t read or heard anything like this news. The source your provide is the link to the general web site of the Trend News Agency, not to the concrete link demonstrating the big tle and like developed by the fundamentalist armenian church and armenian fascists.

  3. djulfa said,

    Dear raman,

    Thank you for your comment. It is unfortunate that you are refusing to admit the destruction of Djulfa – something that has been demonstrated behind reasonable doubt.

    You characterization of Armenians as liars, fascists, fundamentalists, and terrorists shows your hate and ignorance for the important issue of historic preservation: an inevitable concern that needs apolitical and universal approaches.

    If you take the time to read the IWPR article you refer to you will notice that, although there is neglect and ignorance toward Azeri heritage in Armenia, there is no systematic and state-sponsored destruction of monuments in Armenia.

    Finally, the link – as posted – to the Julfa chief’s death is the nationalist Azerbaijani publication – It is surprising that not only you were unable to visit the link but also called its information a “lie.” This is an unfortunate demonstration of your ignorance and hatred toward anything that comes from Armenian sources.

    Protection of Armenian and Azerbaijani cultural heritage is too important to confuse with politics.

    Simon Maghakyan
    Project Manager
    Djulfa Virtual Memorial and Museum

  4. Jacob said,

    Dear Ramam,

    1. First you (and your government) need to learn some math. NKR army controls only 14% of internationally recognized Azeri land. Once you substract the former NKO from this 14%, it’s about 8%. If you do want to round the number 14%, it seems like 10% is far more appropriate than 20%

    2. You claim that Azeri monuments are being destroyed in Armenia and NKR is false. The Blue Mosque in Yerevan has been recently renovated. The mosque in Shushi is being renovated, and the Agdam mosque still stands. No one is destroying the Azeri cemeteries. Not maintaining them is not the same as destroying them.

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