Forgotten Destruction in the Region Without Rights

January 3, 2008 at 3:57 am (Djulfa destruction)

The recent destructions of tea-houses and private properties of residents in the Nakhichevan exclave of the South Caucasus republic of Azerbaijan by the authorities have led to naming Nakhichevan “a region without rights.”  It turns out, nonetheless, that property destruction is not a new entity in the troubled area.
No, the reference is not to the old Armenian cemetery that was reduced to dust.  What we are talking about is property destruction by, perhaps, the same exact servicemen who destroyed the world’s largest Armenian artifact in December of 2005 in Julfa or Djulfa, Nakhichevan.
And here is what happened before the cemetery annihilation to ordinary Azerbaijanis who live in the same district:
193 words
26 June 2003

Turan Information Agency (Azerbaijan)

(c) 2003 Turan Information Agency. All Rights Reserved.

This morning policemen in Julfa regional centre, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, demanded demolition of about 50 shops, Safar Kerimov, owner of one of those shops, told TURAN’s local correspondent. However, policemen have presented no documents permitting demolition of shops.

About 1,000 local residents gathered near the shops to express protest at activities of police. Nakhchivan Minister of Construction also insisted on demolition of the shops. Despite shop owners’ attempts, neither representatives of local executive authorities, nor municipalities agreed to receive them. Local authorities do not explain the reason why the shops must be pulled down. Situation has become tense in the city, because part of Julfa population depends on the shops’ incomes. TURAN’s regional correspondent reports the same campaigns are periodically held in Nakhchivan as well. Authorities said these measures are taken to “create and extend living environment.” Each time the shop owners hold actions of protest, but authorities ignore them.

According to unofficial  information,  small-size  points  of trade are demolished to force their owners to rent sales areas in big trade  centres,  which  are  usually   controlled   by   high-ranking officials.

And this too:
118 words
27 April 2004

Turan Information Agency (Azerbaijan)

(c) 2004 Turan Information Agency. All Rights Reserved.

Police employees started to demolish nearly 200 private trading objects near Julfa custom check point in Nakhchyvan Autonomous Republci.

Owners of trading objects report that all shops were privatized and insured. Over two hundred persons gather in front of trading objects to demand for housebreaking to end. Otherwise they threaten to expatriate themselves.

The foregoing objects sold houseware and employed 1800 persons. Each shop is worth $3 thousand to $15 thousand.

The authorities motivate demolition of shops by building of new custom house on that place. Nobody explains to people who will compensate damages for loss of properties and if new objects will be provided instead.


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